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Why On-Site Printing?

Everyone wears tee shirts- and there's no question, they are terrific fundraising material. 

When we work together for your fundraiser or event, it's no-risk for your organization.

You won't have to preorder shirts that might not sell, and you know you'll have enough shirts to go around - because we print them for you, on-site, and the shirt is ready to wear, hot off the press within minutes. 


We have an extensive T-shirt inventory with many different colors and sizes available, as well as tie-dye tees, long sleeve tees, and hoodies - Adult and kid sizes!

Ready to sell some shirts?

Scheduling us for your event is easy. Give us a call, or send an email through our website form. Let us know when and what your event is about, and how we can help you create the perfect design for your tees.

To print on-location, we require a 10x10 foot area with access to 2-3 electrical outlets. We prefer to work indoors, however we are able to setup for up to 3 hours in an outdoor setting with a generator. *Please note, a generator is very LOUD and not ideal for all locations.

During the event, we keep track of sales and inventory - at the end of your event, you come to us for your portion of the proceeds - it's that easy!



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